Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bikes, Nature and Relaxation and health

I recently became a member of a group which enjoys trekking. Though i have not done a trekking expedition with the group so far, i did a bike ride. The ride was in the lower most fragmented Eastern Ghats called Pachai Malai hills. Nature beats you to anything we can build!

The nature included hills, valleys, trees, falls. It is astonishing to see the nature close to it on foot and closest to reach there is the bike. there are areas in this stretch where car is not the best way to see and by foot it would take a long time.

Time is something we find difficult to get hold of, and bikes make it easier to save some of this precious item. I got hold of Yamaha RX 100 which reminded me of post MBBS days when one of my dear friends had this bike.

I liked this bike more than the Hero Honda which we had ourselves. The Yamaha give you the thrill of acceleration though it did not have the power of the newer bikes trying to negotiate the hills with a pillion rider.

Negotiating the hills gave the pleasure partly due to the bike itself and mostly it was relaxing. we would have stopped in few places where the sceneries were breathtaking. Whereas in other areas simply we stopped since it was idyllic or should i say serene!

Relaxation is one of the areas to give the mind and the brain a chance to recuperate.

The above link mentions that we have 7 thoughts per second and it certainly taxing if you are on the job where decisions are made such as my profession of being a doctor. The decisions are often involve well being of others and you take the responsibility.

Mental health is a prerequisite to physical health. A relaxed mind is a prerequisite to mental health. If a bike ride in the hills close to the nature is what it takes, go on make it!

I have done already!

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