Friday, June 8, 2012

Point of View, right or wrong, value of money!

We stayed in a hotel in chennai. The amount we had to pay was 2005.00. The person behind the desk was given 2100.00. He gave back 90.00 rupees and said that he did not have the change of five rupees to give the ninety five he owed us. hence I made him to give back the hundred and said to him to settle the bill with the 2000.00. He was perplexed and asked me about the five rupees I would owe him towards the 2005.00 bill.

 I said to him that the five rupees is as important to me as it is to him. It was fascinating to see the look on his face. I hope you got the point.   This is " the point of view or view point". This is where "right or wrong" goes a bit vague. It may be right for you but can certainly wrong for somebody else.

But what should one look for if the right applies to the majority of people who are not involved in the scenario and how would the majority would vote for. this is how the jury system works in the court of law in some countries. if you are a medico, please refer to Bolam theory.

 Short blog but hope had a message

 Best wishes Chockalingam