Friday, February 22, 2013

bone the reinforced concrete of our body, but more unique and how to look after your bones!

My close friend and colleague , taught me about the bone of our body as being RC. RC meaning Reinforced Concrete.

The concrete in building can take loads but if you bend it with the force of the wind and nature, it will break.

Then Engineers then came up with this concept of reinforcing Concrete with Steel. The Steel has good ability to withstand bending moment but not good in compression.

Our bone needs both these strength of withstanding taking the load of weight. The human bone has Hydoroxyapatite which is calcium and Phosphate with a particular ratio.

Human body more than a static building, needs more protection from bending moments. More in the sense that the body is in motion and the bone may not be vertical all the time.

Collagen is a structure which then acts as dynamic steel rearranged in different orientations. This is unlike a Reinforced concrete where the steel is in vertical orientation or horizontal most of the time.

Human bone  "which then has this collagen -steel and the Hydroxyapatite- the concrete" is quite dynamic. it can change the content and ratio depending on the amount of load you put in.

This is unlike the building where the ratio is already decided by the engineers.

How then to look after our bones. We need to give work for this steel and the concrete of our body to make it remain in good condition.

This will be in the form of weight bearing exercise like walking and bending exercise such as flexibility exercise such as yoga or pilate.

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